17 Mar 14


These images have just been made available

Alexander James ScanD0111 detail  1 detail; press image 001

Alexander James ScanD0111 1

Alexander James ScanD0060 detail 2 detail; press image 002

Alexander James ScanD0060 2

09 Mar 14

Installation experiments continue at the Red October

film courtesy of Маша Чайка & Misha Hothum

04 Mar 14

preparing a harness for childrens angel wings made from goose wings

Those of you that remember the Vanitas dinners held late last year at the London studio will remember the guest of honour; not only did we cook and enjoy eating the goose, but the wings were specially prepared and travelled over in the truck to moscow and are now rigged into a hand made child harness in preparation for a quite controversial piece underway at the moment.

new angle wings from prepared complete goose wings

26 Feb 14

Diary Update

Apologies that it has been a while since my last diary update but there have been a lot good reasons for that as the workload in the studio has been accelerating to a now a virtual 24 hour operation which will continue for the next three weeks.

The technical configurations have had to be modified considerably to accommodate Red October space, along with serious safety modifications; so now with just a few more garment detailing to finish the wardrobe the works are finally underway.

On the news front RTV have started to shoot a television documentary within the space around the story of how and why I am here, my process and the exhibition itself. Definitely a first for me to have tv crews in the studio and does take some getting used to but they are all great to work with.

Right now we are having to re-enforce the structure of the main tank which has been compromised by the prolonged time at minus 25 degrees stuck at the Latvian / Russian border. Something I had not thought of was that 2 of the tanks are chemically bonded together and these bonds at that temperature mixed with the continued vibration of the lorry really was not going to work out and did a lot of damage. So the side walls are being shielded from the outward pressure of some 35 tonnes of water; there is so much manual labour involved in this project utterly back breaking.

Along with this we are preparing a 7 metre square forest floor including a mix of fallen leaves, moss and lichens; each piece hand sewn into a fabric screen ready for use in a few days. So I had better get back to it, more from me and behind the scenes images to follow.