13 Oct 14

The demise of Pertwee Anderson & Gold Gallery

With the recent demise of Pertwee Anderson & Gold gallery which in typical James Golding (aka Goldman) style appears to have left with a swathe of unpaid creditors including their artists. I have finally decided to speak out after leaving the gallery some 2 years ago which at that time was a difficult decision based on all the lies and disappointments personally experienced.

This article allegedly is some sort of expose; outing them for selling the artworks of two artists that do not exist for two years – lying to collectors faces about everything – a complete fabrication from start to finish. The only reason these letters came about is that someone wrote to Phillips auction house making them aware of the fraud; which is the point at which the tricksters formulated this fictitious story of their reasoning for making the art. They did it for the money, plain and simple.

I have refrained from speaking out because of my loyalty to the artists still with them; but now I feel it is time to openly talk about my direct experiences.

These two characters will say and do absolutely anything to get themselves out of a corner and they have boxed themselves into one here that involves obtaining a pecuniary advantage on each and every sale which amounts to nothing less than fraud.

summ_conner-1_3068827cThe characters behind the Connor Brothers, Mike Snelle, left, and James Golding PHOTO: Nigel Shafran

This article is nonsense, thinly veiled as journalism and is just beyond me how it comes across as loveable rogues – I am sure each and every one of their buyers would not agree with this as it clearly reads more like a gallery press release than expose journalism. Absurd and saddening that this type of behaviour could ever be accepted into the art world where provenance should be regarded above all.

decide for yourself if you think this is journalism or paid for PR…


09 Oct 14

Laissez Faire Magazine interview with Britt Pflüger

see the original news item at the Distil Ennui Studio™ website


30 Sep 14

PRESS RELEASE – Cafe Royal & Alexander James collaboration

Alexander James
A Solo Exhibition of Works
The Club at Café Royal, Regent Street London
Thursday 2 October 2014 – 2 January 2015

British artist Alexander James has announced a collaboration with The Club at Café Royal, at the official opening on 2 October 2014 until the 2 January 2015.

James has gained international recognition for his photographic works which defy categorisation. His artistic process begins with the creation of intricate sculptural compositions, in which he utilises natural materials and handmade props. These scenes are then submerged in purified water and photographed, before being destroyed. The play of light caused by the water, gives the resulting works a painterly effect, heightened by the dark background and vivid colours which recall Dutch still-life painting. Though rooted in tradition, James’ blurring of boundaries between photography, painting and sculpture lend his works a unique and contemporary aesthetic.

His artwork will be exhibited for a three month period within The Club at Café Royal. Including key works from his signature ‘Vanitas’ and ‘Swarm’ series and to include the haunting ‘Witness’ a key work from ‘A beautiful announcement of death’ depicting martyred Ophelia. Also on show will be a new body of work, titled ‘Transparency of a dream’ with actual 8 x 10 inch transparency film plates presented in backlit frames which will debut at The Club.

The exhibition follows on from the artist’s critically-acclaimed exhibition ‘Rastvoyreyanaya Pechal’, which took place in Moscow in April 2014, one of only three British artists to have solo shows in this prestigious gallery; namely Damian Hirst and The Chapman Brothers.

The Club at Café Royal will officially open its doors on Regent Street from 2 October, providing members an exclusive haven in the heart of London. The hotel’s latest offering, will celebrate the great and the good who frequented the space centuries ago together with the future and established stars from the literary, art and fashion world.
For further information please contact Denis Nguyen or Lucy Forbes; E: Denis@DistilEnnui.com Lucy@DistilEnnui.com T: +44 (0) 207 511 4191

About Set Hotels:

The Set was created to redefine the concept of the luxury hotel for sophisticated, design literate travelers in the 21st Century. Working to an uncompromising brief that called for hotels that were not only of the moment but that would define their times and locations, architects and designers of the calibre of Piero Lissoni, David Chipperfield and Jean-Michel Wilmotte have been recruited by Alfred and Georgi Akirov to deftly rework the DNA of the grand hotel and create spaces that are contemporary in conception, whilst simultaneously evocative of the style and glamour of the past.

Located in existing landmark buildings, each member of The Set is rooted in the history and culture of its location as well as the contemporary needs and desires of its guests. The Set currently comprises: Conservatorium hotel in Amsterdam, Hotel Café Royal in London, and Hotel Lutetia in Paris (coming soon).

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