The devil in the details, a view on the olympics

I have long believed that the Olympics has far more negative connotations behind it than it does positive. It may seem a striking view but when you consider the fast food sponsorship, cultural displacement of entire communities, an average ‘every’ event budget deficit of £15 billion, single use property development, a failing sports legacy; the list is endless and this just from a bystanders perspective; I hate to think what I would find were I inside the organisers circle.

We are all asked to live in times of austerity now considered an inevitable part of current life, whilst this corporate sports junket moves around the world stripping huge budgets from economies for what is essentially now reduced to a 20 day tv spectacle with little moral meaning beyond the launch advertising campaign or headline act at the opening ceremony; all with the divisive tone of thinly veiled nationalism hiding behind the flag of patriotism.

This is a very long conversation with many extended topics; so to cut to the chase here is a selection of images from past olympic sites around the world and their current function within their respective communities.

All images are protected by copyright to their respective artists. Thank you to….Greg Baker, Martin Sachse, David Grey, Kyodo News, Milos Bicansk, Ioanna Sakellarak, Michael J. Haggerty Report, Maxine B, Fabio Gregoroni, Peter Bromley, Thanassis Stavrakis/AP and Dado Ruvic.