Plastic pollution is threatening the ecosystem, with locations such as Thilafushi, an artificial island created specifically for landfill, growing by a square metre every day. The artist Alexander James has, with his collaborators, developed a plastic recycling system - the first of its kind in this scale -due to be installed in Baa Atol, Maldives, which will allow plastic bottles to be transformed into sustainable replacement planks and building bricks by the local community. This will not only reduce the amount of waste produced by the population, but will also provide a viable alternative to digging up sand to produce building materials.

The recycling facility is due to launch in July 2018, but further funding is still needed. You can be a part of this incredible project by purchasing one of Alexander James's beautiful PhotoGrams, produced in the Maldives without a camera, using just found objects, photographic paper, and moon or sunlight. Each PhotoGram is unique, and all proceeds will be used to fund the plastic recycling facility that can process up to 10,000 bottles a day. 

Each unique illuminated photogram was created using polaroid film (polagram), measuring 5 x 4 in. and 8 x 10 in transparency film plates. The photographic plates were then transferred in the darkroom onto Fujitrans film, and mounted between two plates of anti-reflective museum glass, and illuminated by UV balanced light panel. Signed and dated by artist in black pen, on verso. Unique Studio Proof (1/1 SP) Framed in black cotton velvet and American walnut wood. Accompanied by remote dimmer. Framed: 40.5 (h) x 34.5 (w) x 5 (d) cms.

Bidding for these unique artworks start at £2,000 [exc. VAT and delivery].

All proceeds of this illuminated series goes toward funding the infrastructure of a community-led plastic recycling facility in the Maldives. The purpose is to recycle plastic that is plaguing remote island nations around the world.

Preliminary bidding on the live auction is open HERE. To bid on a work of art, please write to with the title of the artwork, your maximum bid, along with your name and address. 

Online bids will be transferred and executed on Friday 25 May 2018.