9 artists offered a 1 month paid Artist Residency selection curated by Saatchi & Saatchi CD John Pallant


The idea is simple.. To place ten artists from different backgrounds, heritage and working mediums in a studio space which has been specially configured to accommodate them all; I think of it as a preparatory sketch that we are all going to jump into together. In the mix we have 2 composer/pianists, 2 camera operators, 2 poets/creative writers, a fabrication assistant, and a film editor. The tools at their disposal provided from our side will include a daily wage, a fully equipped rooftop studio & extensive hand made props inventory, a Russian 'Red October' grand piano & digital recording gear, a vast flooded outdoor studio space, high speed 4k motion camera's, a full Sinar large format and Hassleblad analogue camera & lens inventory stocked with 6x6 film & 120 sheets of (8" x 10") transparency film plates & processing chemistry.

This project proved complex and difficult to bring about; the selection process was assisted by Chainy.com to provide the application platform. They have proved invaluable in throwing the net out to see what talent could be pulled into the project. Also in collaboration are Saatchi and Saatchi's John Pallant and London University of Arts', Rob Kessler who assisted with the curation of applications, which were in their hundreds within just a few weeks. Well the selections are made and the date approaches, starting Monday 3rd and running through August.

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