A plastic & aluminium recycling artist studio in the Maldives to tackling single use plastic & aluminium waste


Original Post Date: 01-03-2018
Updated 13-01-2022 -
this facility 'Makers Place' formally opened June 2021 - view here...

An exciting release of twenty illuminated PhotoGrams are being donated to fully fund the infrastructure of a community-led plastic and aluminium recycling facility in the Maldives.

Works from the 'Visions from the shoreline' collection have been made by free dive collecting plastic and aluminium waste that is currently plaguing remote island nations around the world.

This project is supported by the Soneva Namoona Foundation and Metro Imaging.

hand built museum standard artist frames donated to fund a recycling studio

perpetual installation 316G S/Steel and glass vitrine case, water and floating plastic bag
title 'Piscus Cibum'
perpetual installation 316G S/Steel and glass vitrine case, water and floating plastic bag

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