artist recycles Aluminium cans creates sand casting crucifixion nails and museum standard gallery lighting


Aside of the recycled aluminium lighting units I have been fabricating, I have also been exploring very old school sand casting processes for my next exhibition 'Renaciendo' in the heartland of Guadalajara, Spain set high on a mountain in an abandoned baroque convent.

Below you can see the newly finished electronic housing cases that will drive the convent lighting system I am fabricating. A complex build with many new elements for me to consider; an integral cooling system, slow start up and power down gradient electronics, stable constant current DC supply unit and safety circuit in case a single unit should fail; blinking all the other units to prevent overburning those left still in service. In short, I am trying to build a system that serves a long 'service-free' lifetime once installed.

My original 'bullet' design lighting units have been installed and running in the studio 24 hours a day since they were fabricated in 2011 when I first started exploring LED and now CREE emitter technology. Of the 30 light system I made back then, all are still running perfectly without a single failure. These new 'Convent' units are on another level designed far sturdier with silicone & kevlar cable shrouds, far more powerful XHP2 70.1 chipsets and now with an exceptional range of lenses being available to complement the design from LED Supply USA www.ledsupply.com their support on the project has been great so my thanks to you.

Also in production below you can see a new series of 'Crucifixion nails' and ingot pieces which will form part of the sculptural installation underway, much more to follow.

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