artists Siberian studio freezes in for four harsh months of gruelling survival skills mixed with arts practice


The peace of this place is so extraordinarily beautiful; not overwhelming or opposing you with its bleakness as I had first imagined, I feel quite at home here bathed in its white serenity. A place of such complete contrast from the past and anything I have known before; the deep blacks from studio's of the past become peripheral whites as far as the eye can see. The first projects are already freezing into large river water blocks, planning to work with the new lighting units to create the first still life works on film tomorrow. Working with the new video rig to capture events as they unfold but again the bitter cold is wreaking havoc on everything; this time affecting function of the small screen. more to follow on this front. Another area of the cold that is a little unexpected is the plate film is not appreciating the minus 40 degrees average so far, becoming so cold the cellulose film shatters on handling; just another of the crazy dilemmas to have to think of a solution to work around.