The environmental effect of plastic pollution on the north African coast


I am currently sat in a small cafe on Casablanca's western shores contemplating a project that literally blew into me. I am not sure it will be possible in the time I have, but there is a profound amount of waste plastic being caught in the fencing of all the shanti beachfront properties. everything from plastic bottles, bags, milk and juice cartons. In quantities that defy belief. It runs along the entire coastline, once you realise that every piece will end up in the ocean at some point and will have a life span of 1000 years, the scale becomes quite overwhelming. Every time you shop the Moroccans place even the smallest amount of goods in a plastic bag; when you say 'no you have your hands' they look at you as if you are daft and pack the bag regardless. They seem to have no concept for their back door or indeed the back door of others. It is not just Morocco I know but the people and place is so beautiful, being scarred so heavily by nothing more than environmental ignorance. I hope I can do this justice.

We are planning to collect pieces and fabricate a recycled rubbish bin by cutting plastic bottles into shapes and them hand stitching them together; with a message in arabic to suggest the harm that plastic is doing to their land and sea. Apparently in Islam there is a saying 'dont give power to the WAD' which is meant to express the power you give to evil by leaving food on your plate. We shall direct the message 'dont give your plastic to the WAD. If we can we will try and fabricate 4 pieces and place them in a highly visible places like a town square or outside the king of Morocco's house after all I am sure he would be firmly behind the idea. 


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