In conversation with Nancy Fouts we must continue to pursue a relentless drive concerning process and failure


Artist Manifesto.. in conversation last night with Nancy Fouts... 

With this conversation in mind there are some pieces for which you go to great lengths to create; that, just don't work in the end, and will never be seen; exiled to the cutting room floor.

Some people ask why I work so obsessively; the answer for me is simple... I know that If I do not make these works, I am certain that nobody else will. This alone compels me to move forward with next the piece, to go on regardless of what those around me say; peers or otherwise.

For myself and Nancy it was a relentless drive that we have absolutely no control over, bringing us willingly to the studio each day.

image from Dark Vat, Siberia.  'EXIT crucifixion' studio installation inspired by the death of British - American  artist & friend Nancy Fouts.
'EXIT crucifixion' a studio installation inspired by the death of British - American  artist & friend Nancy Fouts.  Installation image 
from Dark Vat, Siberia.

How there came to be a 150 kilo 10 foot tall wooden crucifix installed at the 'Dark Vat' exhibition, I heard the news of Nancys' passing away and just started work on it straight away. Here you can see the original piece with the exhibition flyer for when we last exhibited together, standing outside the now (criminally) bankrupt gallery Lights Of Soho, smoking and all hassling the passers by. Terrific fun as always Nancy RIP.

Always showing impeccable wit even to the very end. Below the invitation to the wake which I sadly could not attend as I was locked in the studio in Siberia at the time.

I think about our conversations daily, the studio always has your Marlboro Red smoke trail to remind me of these valued times.

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