in the ballerina series I am drawn to these figures, seeing as artist Edgar Degas did


Back in 2019 perparing for the 'Dark Vat' studio exhibition, I became connected with one of the dancers and instructors at the Krasnoyarsk Ballet College. During a 2 hour visit I was allowed to visit the students in training through the various dance studios in the building. For me it was such a remarkable experience, that started a few days before when I was invited to meet the College principle director Marina Nickolaevna who I think just wanted to meet me and of course vet me as an appropriate introduction to meet the students.

On my approved visit Nickolai introcuced me to everyone and every student greeted me politely as we walked around the space. I recall my earlier years being granted access to ballet schools in differing locations; in each an everyone of them you can feel the work these building absorb from their young bodies. It is a gruelling sense of dedication that unquestionably earns my respect and admiration.

These are just a brief selection, all shot on Hasselblad digital and film, the HFR material was shot on a Sony RX100 mkv. Please ask if you would like to see more footage from these differing ballet schools from around the world.  info (at) Distil Ennui . com

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The sumptuous catalogue contains a quotation from Baudelaire: "Dance is poetry with arms and legs; it is matter, gracious and terrible, animated, embellished by movement."

In Degas's compositions with several dancers, their steps, postures and gestures often resemble the almost geometric, formal letters of an alphabet, whereas their bodies and heads are recalcitrant, sinuous and individual. "Dance is poetry with arms and legs …"

Degas was obsessed by the art of classical ballet, because to him it said something about the human condition. He was not a balletomane looking for an alternative world to escape into. Dance offered him a display in which he could find, after much searching, certain human secrets