machine prototyping at Makers Place begins operation as I hit my 3 million aluminium can recycle target

machine prototyping at Makers Place begins operation as I hit my 3 million aluminium can recycle target

the first full circular business recycling facility in the maldives
Soon I will reach a true milestone as I prepare to open ‘Makers Place’ in the Maldives. The Distil Ennui Studio through all of its past projects will this month reach a recycle target of 3 million Aluminium cans, all from the polluting drinks industry. This new facility will pass this target with ease, processing an estimated 40,000 to 50,000 cans a month. 'Makers Place' will turn this aluminium waste into sculptural artworks and engineering grade materials to aid building projects. The facility is also designed to handle plastic waste within a second node workshop that will initially be fabricating a line of floor and wall tiles, shelving and other sheet form products that allow for a more sustainable end of life for these packaging elements; enabling a full circular business model to the waste imported by the drinks industry to the region.

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the build team that helped bring this project to life
Here you can meet the amazing Bangladeshi build team that helped breathe life info the space. We all call each other by our first names, and never use the word 'boss' which has become sort of a standing joke in the team, I always say 'please call me Alexander we work together there is no boss here'. At first they were very uncomfortable and a little confused by this, but as the weeks have drifted by with long and often very hard days working together we now have a great sense of respect for each other. I am sure we shall all remain friends as the project unfolds.

voc fume extraction system
Above you can see on the left the VOC extraction system provided by Vodex UK which is at the heart of operations, ensuring the facility emits no carbon emissions from either the plastic or aluminium up-cycling studios.  The filter elements will be opened at the end of their working life and the carbon media held within mixed with concrete to fabricate building bricks; locking their carbon footprint away; protecting the atmosphere and ocean waters from any of the polluting elements they have captured. The system includes real time gas spectrometry analysis to monitor VOC gasses, filter efficiency and life expectancy.

plastic and aluminium recycling artist studio

plastic and aluminium recycling artist studio
Seen here the bare plastic workshop space is awaiting 3 newly built machines to arrive on the island and be installed ready for work, this will include a 60 x 60cm sheet press, square form stainless steel mould and hydraulic press.
plastic and aluminium recycling artist studio setup by alexander james hamilton
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