studio hosts a Plastic Free Design Workshop working for working for cleaner waters around the world


Working for cleaner waters around the world and continually promoting a #3RStrategy - #Reduce #Reuse #Recycle through studio and location based projects and interventions. This was a wonderful opportunity for the studio to collaborate with Eco Design Hub, after making a short inro film for digital release the event became hugely over subscribed with attendees as we could only host 60 delegates in the studio which was at the time still operating as a public art exhibition space.

Delegates got to share ideas and deisgns both in sketch and physical form, work directly with 3d printer kit including meeting the deisgn team of the machines themselves... everybody simply loved it.

Speakers included.. 

Sergey Kirillov - project manager I hand over for recycling . Will tell about the collection and recycling of plastics and other recyclables. 

Anastasia Mokrushina - Youth envoy of the UN sustainable development goals in Russia. 

Natasha Stepanova from the vintage market Svalka  discussing this project. 

Vitaly Taygin and Ivan Tarletsky from SibTehno. Discussing how to make things from recycled plastic on a 3D printer. 

Miroslav Koksharova - representative from EcoDesignHub discussing their project plans for the future.

Delegates also has the opportunity to meet the 15 Siberian resident artists at the 'Dark Vat' exhibition.

photography courtesy Victor Oleinyk.

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