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Art's Silent Roar - Provoking Climate Discussions Through Visual Expression

Re-interpreting uglioni and his sons arts silent roar the environment and climate change art for advocacy
Ugolino and his sons, by Jean-Baptiste Carpeaux, 1870.

In a world grappling with the existential challenge of climate change, water shortages and large scale pollution, artists and their works stand as powerful catalysts for meaningful dialogue. Their canvas is not limited to paint and brushstrokes; it encompasses an entire spectrum of human creativity, igniting conversations that resonate far beyond their frames.

With such over whelming odds battling against the tide, I often ask myself how can art influence climate change? For me art, in its myriad forms, possesses the unique capacity to influence, inspire, and engage individuals on a deeply emotional and intellectual level. It transcends the language barrier and breaks down the scientific jargon, offering a visceral and immediate connection to complex issues. Art can portray the impacts of climate change, evoke empathy for the planet's plight, and galvanise viewers into action.

Sculpture is something I have always been exploring and perhaps it can help play a role in driving climate discussions, a catalyst for change even. Contemporary artists like myself have often created sculptures from materials such as aluminium and bronze to create thought-provoking pieces that challenge our perspectives and perceptions of everyday objects. Today I am using this medium to prompt contemplation about consumerism, waste, and their environmental consequences. 

rodin the Re-Thinker
''The Re-thinker'   weight +/- 9,280 grammes - h 23cms x w 17 cms  edition of VII 

My earlier discussion on the 'Ethics of Water' something that has been a core medium in my practice for 4 decades has now evolved into what is for me a meaningful collection that serves as a compelling dialogue 'action over empty words' a call to arms as it were. They echo the urgency of addressing social issues through their visual meaning with direct past to present symbolism. From 'Ugolino & his sons', to Rodin's 'The Thinker'  masterpieces that I have re-interpreted using the single use packaging blight that global landscapes, rivers and oceans are facing today. What would the artist Auguste Rodin or indeed his model posing in 'The Thinker' be contemplating if it were made today, and not in its original form dating from 1902. Introducing single use trash at the thinkers feet from old bottles to tins and cans as see here. The father Ugolino with his tortured face with his children chained at his feet imprisoned to starve to death together for being a traitor, now with a coke in his hand, the message is clear.

'The Naive Twins'  dated 2020. edition of VII.
weight +/- 1,250 grammes - h 20cms x w 6 cms (each)

I often get asked 'What Is The Role of Visual Art in Provoking Climate Change Or Pollution Discussions ?' For me it holds a distinct role in this discourse. It is a language unto itself, capable of conveying complex ideas and emotions with a mere glance. Visual artists often explore the ecological balance, human impact on nature, and the fragile beauty of our planet through these works, its a difficult message to sell. Who would want to have art on the wall that portrays such painful ugly subjects, when a landscape would be so much easier to live with. It has never been an easy conversation for my studio to counter this negative attachment to 'environmental art', but here we are nearly 40 years on, and the climate crisis, the pollution levels are here for us all to witness. Perhaps the tide has changed, but is it too late?

Artists and their creations can and should wield a profound influence in the ongoing conversation about climate change. Through the lens of art, complex issues become accessible, emotions are stirred, and discussions are ignited. These artworks serve as beacons of hope and catalysts for change, reminding us of our collective responsibility to safeguard our planet.

I invite you to explore my artworks being used to shape the discourse. Let art be the silent roar that reverberates through our hearts, inspiring us to take action for a more sustainable & circular future.

I hope you found this journal entry informative, please do stay connected.
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