underwater sculpture and ecocide artist working on environmental recycling projects in the Maldives


The project 'Visions from the shoreline' was created when I recently returned to the Maldives to continue working on a project that I started over 30 years ago; that of creating installations underwater and on land, exploring the polarity of this fragile landscape.

For us the danger is real: Plastic pollution is threatening all ecosystems of the ocean & remote islands. I’ve been there and I’ve seen it and is truly heartbreaking. Plastic comes into Maldives and there is no way to process it locally.  Did you know that a single tourist produces 3.5kg of garbage a day? In the Maldives alone, that comes to 300 to 400 tons of trash" dumped on Tjhilafushi island DAILY. Here the longest burning fire in human history burns the plastics down slowly releasing huge amounts of harmful VOC's. Besides the Maldives, the problem affects the remote islands of the Caribbean, Indonesia, Fiji and many more.

It is the language of nature that guides me, its texts were written far before our coming into being.

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