Inspired by the dream-like aesthetic of Alexander's work, this short film tells a story of falling in love with a dream.  The world of dreams overrides wakefulness, illusions merge with reality, unconsciousness slips into consciousness, in a struggle to preserve the visions experienced in dreams before they fade, and become nothing but a distant memory.

written by Sophie Fenella Robins

performed by Georgina Dugale.

musical score by Daniel McBride & Rae Howell

costume by Charli Parker

Cameras by James Butler & Katie Olds

Editing Katie Olds & James Butler

Artists include, in no specific order:

Daniel McBride (composer.musician) –

Rae Howell (composer.musician) –

Katie Olds (camera operator.editor) –

Sophie Fenella Robins (creative writer) –

Sophie Newstead (creative writer) –

Charli Parker (production design assistant) –

James Butler (camera operator.editor) –

Eloise Stevens (creative writer) –


with special thanks to, Saatchi & Saatchi & University of Arts London

All Rights Reserved © 1990 - 2016. Distil Ennui Studio™, London.